Paste Video URL into the text field
and submit to Download Instagram Photo & Video

Step 1. Open Instagram and Copy The video link which you want To Download, (CTRL+C)from the Link Bar.

Step 2. Paste the Selected video URL/link (CTRL+V)in the input box and click "Download" button Next to it.

Step 3. Choose The Video Quality/Resolution Which you want to download, such as high or low Quality.

Step 4. click on The "Download" button and wait for few seconds, The download will start automatically.

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A new latest trending social networking service, Instagram, which was launched on 6th October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, came uprising through the clouds and reached 1 million users on 12th December 2010, in just two months only. Seeing the uprising problem which might threaten the growth of social media giant, Facebook, made Zuckerberg consider the problem and thus it led to the buying of Instagram for $ 1 billion and Mark became the new owner of Instagram in April 2012. The enormous crowd gained by the photo-sharing platform was just unfathomable. No one has imagined that in just 21 months, Instagram could have 80 million active users. Instagram is basically a platform that allows the users to share photos and videos either in private or in public. You can also share the uploaded photos or videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Due to it humongous gain in popularity, millions of website users have pinned the icon of Instagram on their sites which have made easy for everyone to access the contents on Instagram and now most of us want insta video downloader , to save the video directly into there PC or cell phone.

What to do on Instagram?

Instagram is not only about sharing your photos and videos online so that people can view what you are doing, but it also has different aspects such as ‘Posts’, ‘Followers’ and ‘Following’. These are the sections where you can see who is following your posts and whom you are you following and see their posts. Posts section is used to manage the posts you have uploaded and you can simply see your old posts as well as your latest posts too. With the more and more updates of the social media platform, the application has become easier to use and with new features, it is vibrantly used in every corner of the world. With the release of its new feature about ‘Your Story’, it has grown vigorously and has hit the mark of 150 million stories uploaded daily. New introduction of Boomerang and Live feature, is quite fascinating and has become one of the popular trends during the last year.
What are the ways to Download instagram videos ? and step by step guide on How to download instagram videos free 
While surfing across different pages on Instagram, you must have come across various videos to your liking and you want instagram video downloader online to download or save them to your device or on your computer. There is no option or side link available to download the Instagram videos. So, how to download it? This free website filevid, helps you to save instagram videos directly into pc/mobile i.e. you don’t need to register anywhere for downloading the video, snatches away the download links of different MP4 or Flv videos, without any needs to install software or plugins. You just need to paste the shareable link of the Instagram video in the input box provided. Voila!! Your video is downloading.

What is FileVid?

Filevid is custom coded website, which helps you to use fb video downloader as well as helps you to download any instagram video, it is completely free and no need of installing any software or application.
The Best Thing about this website is that you only have to paste the instagram video link in the input field above and click on the "Download" button next to it , and videos starts Downloading and you can save that video to watch it later, you can use insta Downloader to save your desired video from the web application name instagram.

How to download instagram videos

Step 1 : Go to instagram and Log In using your username and password. Make sure that your Log In initials is correct.

Step 2 : Surf different accounts or pages from where you want to download the desired video.

Step 3 : After finding the desired video that you want to download. Right-click on the video and copy its URL or link address. Make sure that there is no discrepancy in the address that you have copied.

For Example:

Step 4 : Paste the copied URL or link address in the input box provided and click on download button, Next to it.

Step 5 : Within few seconds,your downloading will start automatically.

Step 6 : If there is any problem while downloading and your video is not downloading, then reload the page and try again to download the required video.

You can also select the HD or SD format in which you want to download the video, Be connected more things are coming. That's all.

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