Paste the Facebook video URL into the text field
and submit to download video(s)

Step 1. Open The Facebook video which you want To Download, Copy the video link (CTRL+C)from the Link Bar.

Step 2. Paste the video URL/link (CTRL+V)in the "Facebook Video URL" input box and click "Download" button Next to it.

Step 3. Choose The Video Quality/Resolution Which you want to download high or low Quality.

Step 4. click on "Download" button and The download will start automatically.

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Video is by far the most preferred visual multimedia and it is basically nothing but a sequential set of images that are arranged in such a manner that it creates a moving picture!

Over time, people running online businesses have swiftly shifted a large part of their textual content to visual content.

Videos are at par with other modes of information sharing, and at times even more beneficial in terms of spreading and inculcating knowledge and valuable information.

Especially when it comes to imparting training and learning content to students and corporate professionals, videos are undoubtedly the most effective mode of learning!

Sharing Videos across Social Media Platforms

One of the peculiarities of videos can be seen in the widespread usage of videos across social media platforms.

Visual content is easier to remember, retain, and use in the long run as compared to textual or pictorial information.

Facebook is one such social media platform where sharing videos and all kinds of visual content has become a rage over time.

Given to the fact that videos make it easier for individuals to connect as well as bond with the social community, they are being uploaded, watched, and downloaded at a very large scale.

Videos on Facebook are not restricted to any particular genre, and thus these Facebook videos can be of great use to one and all.

Now this might come across as a huge surprise to you, that Facebook videos can be downloaded as well.

Yes, you can now download videos from Facebook onto your laptops and smartphones.

Looking at the popularity of Facebook videos, developers have come up with a tool known as the Facebook Video Downloader.

Let us now take a detailed glance at what Facebook Video Downloader is and how does it work.

Everything you need to know about Facebook Video Downloader

facebook video downloader

The Facebook Video Downloader website enables you to directly download all kinds of videos from Facebook in the MP4 format, that too at any desired location on your system.

This video downloader tool is absolutely free to use and its fast and hassle-free functionality is something that everyone desires for!

It is the age of online videos and over time, there is lesser and lesser written/ textual content to be found on the internet.

On the other hand, there are more and more videos being posted since these are easy to watch, access, understand, interpret, and most importantly, remember.

How many times have you come across really impressive videos on Facebook, but due to limitations in existing tools, you were not able to download and save it on your computer.

Well, this is going to happen a lot lesser now! Apart from MP4, there are other formats also available for users to download their Facebook videos in.

So, how exactly does Facebook Video Downloader work ?

It is very easy to use this Facebook Video Downloader tool.

Step 1 : Copy the URL of the video from Facebook, It must be like this
For Example:

Step 2 : Go to the official website of Facebook Video Downloader.
Step 3 : Go to the “Search” field and paste the copied link.
Step 4 : Click on the “Download” button, and you are good to go!
Step 5 : Here, you also get the chance to select the desired quality of the video.

The popularity of Facebook is increasing many folds with each passing day and social media is, thus becoming a very vital part of everyone’s life. With a tool as efficient as the Facebook Video Downloader, you can stay connected with your contacts on Facebook. That's all, Thank you for using filevid.

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