facebook video downloader

How to download any Facebook video online ?

Videos are the multimedia that is made by connecting images together and in today world videos are watched by every individual, and after watching these videos every person is sharing these among various social websites, such as Facebook , YouTube, twitter etc. but face book is the fastest growing website among all. everyone is using Facebook now a days and i know people using it know the struggle to download videos from it.

facebook video downloader
facebook video downloader

so here we tell you some ways to download Facebook videos online in free, no installation of any kind of software, you just have to open a website which we recommend and paste the video link into it and after submit you will get the Download link of that video. make sure the video must be public, if its privacy is set to only me then make it public, then only you can download that video.Many people are asking for facebook video downloader, to download the best videos from Facebook. Facebook is a very popular social networking website which helps user to register, upload photos/videos and chatting with there friends.Many friend of mine asking for “How to download Facebook videos online” well, it is really very easy for you to download any video from Facebook. I have spent time on google to find the solution for this problem and after googling i have found some of the best tools to download Facebook videos in HD as well as SD, let me tell you about the website name , which is filevid.com.

What is Filevid.com ?

Yes, among all this is the only website, which work as a facebook video downloader and don’t allow you to wait or have some kind of pop-up ads. this site is very custom coded and you can get the download links in no time 😉 , yes you just have to put the video link and click on submit, after that you will get the video download link.this website can be used on PC/Laptop as well as smartphones.so without wasting time , let me tell you how to use it.

How to download Facebook videos online ?

  1. Make sure the video which is want to download privacy is public only, if not then make it public.
  2. Copy the link of the Facebook video, which you want to download.
  3. Open official website of filevid i.e www.filevid.com
  4. Paste the copied link in the download bar and after that click on “Download” button, which is next to it.
  5. Now it will redirect you to a new page, where you will get download link of your video.That’s all

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No matter how old the Facebook is, But something is missing:

No matter how old the Facebook get and how big features they announce, there is still something missing on their platform. If you quick-guess the feature that isn’t available, you might come to the idea of having no DOWNLOAD feature of Facebook Video Downloader. That is it, the downloading of video feature that is missing till now. There are indeed so many availabilities and capabilities that one can do on Facebook. They include saving articles for reading later, adding emotions to posts, recalling a memory that has happened sometime earlier, availabilities of 360-degree videos and images both, and so many. But still there is that video downloading feature unavailable for anybody to use, and this is something people hunted for and sought all over the internet to get to know something that eases the process of downloading any video off of the Facebook with a single click and optionalities.

What In This Case Should Be Done?

It has always been a desire for Facebook users to download their desiring videos at ease but is not possible while on Facebook platform. You have to come out of Facebook and search for another third party software or website that lets you download any video you want in any format.

facebook video downloader

To get to know the best thing that can aid you to do this task, we have got you something interesting. We have got you the Facebook Video Downloader that lets you download any video you want in any format of your choice. Yeah, that is what I just said. Facebook Video Downloader unlike any other software or website doesn’t promise anything it doesn’t provide but provides all the necessities and features that Facebook are missing to download any video off of Facebook with nothing but just a single click.

What Is It That I Might Need To Know Before I Use Facebook Video Downloader?

If you are willing to proceed the process of downloading a video from Facebook, you are invited to use Facebook Video Downloader. They don’t have any hidden costs and fees for their software based application; it is free of cost. That means you can you easily download all the videos you want without paying a single penny. Below are the features they provide:

  • It is free of cost (anybody can use it).
  • It lets you download any video from Facebook within a single click.
  • It is virus free.
  • It allows you to download a video in any format of your choice.

Filevid Facebook Video Downloader:

Filevid made easy to download any facebook in just one click.This software start automatically downloads the videos from Facebook for which you will run it. Copy the video URL and paste it into the download bar for starting the process.This software allows its users to download videos without wasting of time.