Paste the Facebook video URL into the text field
and submit to download video(s)

Step 1. Open The Facebook video which you want To Download, Copy the video link (CTRL+C)from the Link Bar.

Step 2. Paste the video URL/link (CTRL+V)in the "Facebook Video URL" input box and click "Download" button Next to it.

Step 3. Choose The Video Quality/Resolution Which you want to download high or low Quality.

Step 4. click on "Download" button and The download will start automatically.

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Video is the visual multimedia that is combined with sequential images that form the moving picture. Videos can be used in many ways for information sharing, for giving training to students and for learning purpose. Videos are mainly shared on social media platforms like Facebook for getting more familiar with the community. Videos which are shared on Facebook gives good messages to your friend circle, and some videos are even very funny. Videos which are shared on Facebook can be downloaded, and it can be downloaded in your PC by using Fb video downloader .This website helps you to download the video directly from the Facebook in the format of MP4 into your desired location. Videos can be downloaded by using video downloader as these tools are free, which can be used for downloading the videos. Watching videos online is getting very much popular nowadays. As videos can able to transfer the information very well, people are getting very much addicted towards online videos, and if the video is real, then they prefer to download that video also. Videos can be downloaded by using Facebook video downloader ,as Facebook did not have such tools by which videos can be downloaded directly. Videos can be downloaded by just copying the link of the video and then posting to the video downloader and by clicking on the downloading button. Videos which are being downloaded from the Facebook can also be saved in the format that the user wants. Videos which are being downloaded can able to save in the desired location of the computer. Facebook it is the most popular social media network in the present. The platform of Facebook is used by millions of people every day for communicating with each other and also for sharing the videos on the internet. But Facebook doesn’t give that facility for downloading the video from its site. So for downloading the video from the Facebook, it is vital to have any such tool from where download Facebook videos can be done. Custom Facebook video downloader also give many other facilities that can help to have the HD quality of video such as the quality of video and format of videos and the size required for saving that videos.

So, Many people out there ask for a Facebook video Downloader to download the lovely videos from Facebook. I guess, everyone is now on Facebook and what really a Facebook is; known by everyone. Facebook (pronounced as Fas-Book), Facebook is nothing but a very popular social networking website which allows people to register there profile, upload photos, send messages, helps in touch with friends, family and colleagues and obviously helps in uploading some great moments through videos. Facebook is available worldwide with 37 different languages. Many friends of mine ask me that How to download Facebook videos in free? Well, it is the way easiest job to download the Facebook videos. We will be discussing more about Facebook video download so that you can enjoy your precious moments offline without shuffling from Facebook pages or profiles. Downloading a video seriously makes ourselves protective, because (as I am Indian) my internet isn't stable and one more thing which I like is that, we don't need to open our Facebook profile again and again to watch it or to show it to our Friends, which is seriously a time consuming Job. So its better to download it into your Hard Drive or into your Mobile phone so that we can directly show the damn awesome video to our friends without opening our Facebook Profile. In One group, one guy (His English was poor) asked me that
What are the ways to Facebook download video in HD? and step by step guide on How to download facebook videos free
First, I was like, what? What he asked me, I was in confusion that He need to download HD videos from Facebook. I said okay, I need some time so that I can Google for an answer. After Googling alot, I got a way to download video from Facebook after trying that website, I told that guy about the website After trying, I got shocked that this website, allows two types of file to be downloaded, those are, Low resolution videos and HD videos. After confirming finally I got the Facebook video downloader online which helps me in downloading both the qualities, HD and low resolution. Let me start with what really a FileVid is!?  

What is FileVid?

Filevid, a website which completely custom coded to that, One can use this Online free Facebook video Downloader without wasting time, installing some sort of third party software. A great thing is that, it is completely free and there is no need of installing anything. It is one of the best and awesome website completely different from many other video downloaders.

facebook video downloader

The thing which I really like is that, we just need to copy paste the Facebook video's URL to FileVid and then the website will automatically be redirecting us to a very new page, where we can download our videos in Low quality or in HD Quality (Completely depends on you! Which quality you require!). But, as per my views, if you are on slow internet connection then you must go with a Low Quality video.

How to download Facebook videos free

Step 1 : Make sure, the video you need to download, must be uploaded on facebook itself and nowhere else.
Step 2: Copy the video URL which is highlighted in Step 1 image. It must be like this:
For Example:

Step 3: After copying the highlighted URL paste it on  
Step 4: After pasting the link, click on Download! button.
Step 5: That's all. Clicking the Download! button will redirect you to the new page, where you will be asked to download in Low Quality or in High Quality.
Step 6: Click any of the selected Quality and Download will start automatically in your PC. That's all, Thank you for using filevid.

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